Vivien Kohler – VK0181
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National Diploma, Graphic Design, Peninsula Technikon, 1997
Diploma Certificate in Fine Art, Ruth Prowse School of Art and Design, 2000

Kohler spent most of his time working in a collective group of artists at the Castle of Good Hope, Cape Town. Whilst working with others, as well as exploring his own sense, his art has evolved to become richer and more soulful over the years. Though trials and tribulations may continue to come our way, when seen through Vivian’s eye, life is joyful, glorious and deserves to be celebrated.

“As an artist in Cape Town, South Africa, I find it to be my civil duty to make a personal change, for the revolution or emancipation of a country starts with the voluntary changing of the individual’s mindset. My work at this point in time deals more with the prevailing mindset of our culture, and not the everyday fruit of that mindset.” (Kohler, 2009).

Vivien currently stays in Johannesburg.

African Fine Art